Summertime Fitness Madness..



So summertime is here and trust me I am not really ready to be in a bikini just yet! Every year I say I am going be ready to be in my best shape for summer and it always happens that I get a little lazy. So this summer I am going into this 150%. I have become obsessed with these three products to help obtain and maintain my goal of a summer body!

First I am using BOOTEA 28 Day Teatox. It’s such an easy detox program. I did the 14-day teatox a few months ago and saw a great difference. So I am going try the 28-day teatox this time around. It tastes great and you can drink the daytime tea daily and the nighttime cleanses every other night. I have more energy and calms down my cravings!

Second I’ve been obsessed with Frank’s Body Scrub. These products are great for scars, stretch marks and celluliteI used every night when I take my shower. It’s a little messy but you see fast results. I am very pleased to say I can see a difference already and I’ve only used it for the past 3 weeks.

Third I have become obsessed with Bliss Products: Fat Girl Slim. I am currently using their Arm Candy, Fat Girl Slim Morning and Night Cream, Six-pack and Lovehandler creams. All these products help with toning and firming the skin.

But you just can’t rely on these products for a great summer body. I have been working out daily and eating a lot better. Luckily my job at Facebook provides great organic food. And yes I am very spoiled at Facebook! Hopefully these products will work and I can show off my results for my Vegas goal body!

What are your favorite items to use for body and working out? Please share!

By the way, Melissa is our little fitness guru! I can’t wait to see what she will post!


Happy 40th Birthday Kate Moss!

Happy 40th birthday Kate Moss. People say when men age, they start looking better and when women age, their beauty begins to fade away. I have to disagree…look at Kate Moss! I had no idea she turned 40. She has aged gracefully, and hope I do the same.

Kate Moss

Image and more W magazine covers from HuffingtonPost here.

Kate Moss is a muse in the fashion industry. She was discovered when she was 14 in 1988 and started to become well known in the 1990’s. According to W Magazine, by 2003 she has been on 15 of their covers. Fast forward to 2013, and this super model has been on 24 of their covers.

Also, through Twitter, I found out she’s designing a line for TopShop that will be sold at Nordstroms. Her line will be debuted in April 2014! Yay!

Leather in the City

Leather in the City

We love looking at new blogs and I have to admit that I am in LOVE with the blog Leather in the City! I could be bias because it is my younger sister fresh new blog!  Quinci is dedicate to everything fashion and she has  great eye! It is a great blog to read it has great insight on fashion trends and her personal style. I hope you do check it out!