A Well-Dressed Man

We can never forget a well-dressed man. This past Sunday not only did the ladies dress to impress but our favorite men also impressed us.. a bit too much. Lets just  say we were very happy. 


                   Idris Elba in Gucci



          Bradley Copper in Tom Ford

Hope you like our picks! xx-Chauncey and Melissa

My Monday Obsession: Guest Editor Time!!

If you watch Keeping up the Kardashians like other lovers of rachet TV like myself, you followed we with some interest (Re. none) the storyline around Rob’s high fashion sock line For those not in the know, Rob wants to make money like his older sisters, except he has no talent or sex tapeto make it happen the Kardashian way. Or support from the high priestess of making something out of nothing- Kris Jenner aka Mom to the Girls aka Kim K.’s pimp.