Gift Guide: For The BFF

Still looking for a gift for your BFF? As two BFFs, Chauncey and I can definitely help you find a few perfect presents to inspire your holiday shopping. This gift guide features fashionable, personalized, and quirky gifts for girl bosses like you and your BFF. Happy Holidays!


1. Anthropologie Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug

2. Kate Spade iPhone Case

3. Ted Baker Cosmetic Case

4. C. Wonder Gold Monogram Wine Stopper

5. SHY by Syndey Evan Love Pendant Bezel Diamond Necklace

6. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso



Origins My Lifesaver.

Origins is my personal lifesaver when it comes to my skin care. I am in love with all Origins products. I personally have been using their products for almost 2 years. I love how it makes my skin glow and nourish it all at the same time. With their natural ingredients it provides a great nourishment to your skin.

My new favorite collection is the GinZing Collection. It is a lifesaver for my skin. After a long day or weekend it helps my skin look fresh and soft all in one! This refreshing eye cream brightens, de-puffs, and reduces dark circles. The GinZing products contain caffeine from coffee beans, Panax Ginseng, and magnolia extract, to refresh and restore radiance to the eye area. Some other amazing GinZing products are the Refreshing Scrub Cleanser and Energy-Boosting Moisturizer.

What is your favorite skin care line? Please share!!


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What To Own Before You Turn 30.

What To Own Before You Turn 30.

Yes, 30 years old is a real number and yes Melissa and I are almost 30 in a few years. Its hard to believe that in a few years we will be 30. I came across this article on Harper’s Bazaar last night while checking my twitter account. And yes I am the girl who checks her social media in the morning and when I go to bed.. just like a newspaper.  I cam across this article about What To Own Before You Turn 30. I was of course curious and had to read this. First of all a lot of these things would be wonderful to own its just hard to sink in that I am about to turn 30.  The article goes on to state that you need a great pair of shoes, your signature scent, artwork, your favorite flower and of course a great handbag. I feel like I am almost close to have a few things check off this list! But I do have a few years to see if my signature scent will change and which handbag will be my ultimate favorite. I am a handbag whore lets be honest.

Check out this article and let us know what you think you should have before you turn 30!



Summertime Fitness Madness..



So summertime is here and trust me I am not really ready to be in a bikini just yet! Every year I say I am going be ready to be in my best shape for summer and it always happens that I get a little lazy. So this summer I am going into this 150%. I have become obsessed with these three products to help obtain and maintain my goal of a summer body!

First I am using BOOTEA 28 Day Teatox. It’s such an easy detox program. I did the 14-day teatox a few months ago and saw a great difference. So I am going try the 28-day teatox this time around. It tastes great and you can drink the daytime tea daily and the nighttime cleanses every other night. I have more energy and calms down my cravings!

Second I’ve been obsessed with Frank’s Body Scrub. These products are great for scars, stretch marks and celluliteI used every night when I take my shower. It’s a little messy but you see fast results. I am very pleased to say I can see a difference already and I’ve only used it for the past 3 weeks.

Third I have become obsessed with Bliss Products: Fat Girl Slim. I am currently using their Arm Candy, Fat Girl Slim Morning and Night Cream, Six-pack and Lovehandler creams. All these products help with toning and firming the skin.

But you just can’t rely on these products for a great summer body. I have been working out daily and eating a lot better. Luckily my job at Facebook provides great organic food. And yes I am very spoiled at Facebook! Hopefully these products will work and I can show off my results for my Vegas goal body!

What are your favorite items to use for body and working out? Please share!

By the way, Melissa is our little fitness guru! I can’t wait to see what she will post!


10 Coconut Oil Beauty Recipes

Ladies, let’s prep our hair & skin for spring! Chrissy wrote about understanding the chemicals in your cosmetics and, I agree with her. It is SO SO SO important to know what you put on your skin and hair. One product I’ve been obsessing over is coconut oil (I’m even cooking with it!). Coconut oil is natural and can give you soft, hydrated skin and is pretty much a beauty lifesaver.

Considering its many uses, organic coconut oil is inexpensive. I bought a jar from my local Whole Foods for $14. It’s also found at Trader Joe’s and most grocery stores. The DIY beauty recipes below only use 1-2 ingredients. The jar is huuuuge and I’ve been experimenting with its never-ending beauty uses.

Here are 10 ways you can get spring-ready hair and skin by stirring up beauty recipes in your own kitchen. 

1. Lip Scrub

Mix coconut oil with raw sugar and scrub.

Read the rest of my post here:

Foodie Friday: Hot Fudge Oreo Cupcakes for JT Birthday!!

ImageAt Muse Me Style we are celebrating the one and only Justin Timberlake! Mr. Sexy Back just turned 33 years young today! We want to make a special treat for him! Here is the best recipe for the Hot Fudge Oreo Cupcakes!


1 lb bag of oreos
¼ cup butter – melted
Ice Cream – Favorite flavor
Tub of cool whip
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cube butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 can sweetened condensed milk


Need a cup cake pan, lined with cup cake liners Smash oreos in a bag into chunks and crumbs – put into a bowl Add the melted butter and mix up Press crumbs firmly in bottom of cup. I used about 2 tablespoons per cup. Reserve at least 1 cup of the crumbs for later. Take an ice cream scoop and plop a scoop into each cup. I used Vanilla, but you can use any flavor Ice Cream you like. Use some of those reserved crumbs now – sprinkle over the tops Place about 2 tablespoons cool whip on top of the oreo ice cream mixture Now place that cupcake pan in your freezer. Topping: Mix together over low heat in a saucepan, until melted and combined (all topping ingredients) Once the Hot Fudge is all creamy and melted together. Pour about 1/2 cup of it into a little baggie. Let that bag of Hot Fudge cool for about 10 minutes. You don’t want it Hot! *I pour mine right into the baggie, then place it in the fridge for 10 minutes. Once your Hot Fudge has cooled: GO GRAB YOUR FROZEN TREATS FROM THE FREEZER. Grab a little pair of scissors Snip a small corner of the fudge bag for drizzling. Drizzle that yummy Hot Fudge over the top of the Frozen Cream. Use as much as you like, but don’t spill it over the sides of the paper cups. They will be messy to remove later if you do. Place the pan uncovered in the Freezer for several hours. When you are ready to serve them, simply . . . Let soften ever so slightly, Remove the paper liners and eat!