About Us.

MuseMe Style was founded in 2013 as a creative outlet and blog to discuss street style, fashion news, and art.

Designers, founders, and P.I.C., Chauncey + Melissa, are the masterminds behind MuseMe Style. Both born in Sunny California, their line of signature tees + curated vintage bling, were inspired by effortless looks, fashion muses, and California street style.

Where luxe meets casual, MuseMe Style is a brand for girls withfree-spirited lifestyles.



Hello! Let me formerly introduce myself, my name is Chauncey. While you try to think of another girl named Chauncey, I will confirm with you it is typically a boy’s name. Thank you to my wonderful parents.

Chauncey was born and raised in Northern California, specifically in the Bay Area. I have lived all over the Bay Area in the past 25 years of my beautiful life. Fashion and anything creative heavily influenced my childhood. . Currently, she is  attending Academy of Art University and obtaining my Masters in Arts in Fashion Journalism.  Chauncey’s  hobbies include yoga, dancing and editing videos. Also she makes the best shrimp cajun pasta!

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1235519_726030367508_1213213157_nMelissa is a San Jose, California native living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She loves everything colorful, printed, and pink. Currently, she attends Drexel University and aspires to become a Public Relations & Marketing professional. Melissa’s hobbies include yoga, dancing, and trying new food. She also makes a mean chocolate chip cookie!

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