Trendy vs. Spendy: Valentino, Jimmy Choo, and Prada Black Pumps

The classic black pump is a staple to a lady’s wardrobe. Just like their counterpart, the little black dress, the classic black pump is timeless and versatile. These pumps can be worn so many ways and for so many occasions, so they’re a wardrobe essential. The right pair can make a huge difference to compliment an outfit.

I’ve separated my favorites in three categories – pointy, rounded, and party pumps. Rounded toe is a shoe’s basic shape, pointy toe can lengthen your legs, and party pumps are simply fun to look at and shop for.


1. Rounded

Target’s Merona ‘Melanie’ for $29.99 vs. Jimmy Choo ‘Victory’ for $575

2. Pointy

Aldo ‘FRITED’ for $48.99 vs. Prada ‘Basic Pointed Toe’ for $650

3. Party

Dollhouse ‘Gravity’ for $44.95 now marked down to $39.90 vs. Valentino ‘Rockstud’ for $1,075

I think the black pump is an absolute essential and can go with anything.

What do you think about black pumps? Are they a wardrobe necessity? Which pair suits your style?

My Trendy vs. Spendy post was published on: http://www.trendhungry.com/trendy-vs-spendy-designer-look-alike-black-pumps/#sthash.G45KGyWx.dpuf

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