Foodie Friday: Hot Fudge Oreo Cupcakes for JT Birthday!!

ImageAt Muse Me Style we are celebrating the one and only Justin Timberlake! Mr. Sexy Back just turned 33 years young today! We want to make a special treat for him! Here is the best recipe for the Hot Fudge Oreo Cupcakes!


1 lb bag of oreos
¼ cup butter – melted
Ice Cream – Favorite flavor
Tub of cool whip
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cube butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 can sweetened condensed milk


Need a cup cake pan, lined with cup cake liners Smash oreos in a bag into chunks and crumbs – put into a bowl Add the melted butter and mix up Press crumbs firmly in bottom of cup. I used about 2 tablespoons per cup. Reserve at least 1 cup of the crumbs for later. Take an ice cream scoop and plop a scoop into each cup. I used Vanilla, but you can use any flavor Ice Cream you like. Use some of those reserved crumbs now – sprinkle over the tops Place about 2 tablespoons cool whip on top of the oreo ice cream mixture Now place that cupcake pan in your freezer. Topping: Mix together over low heat in a saucepan, until melted and combined (all topping ingredients) Once the Hot Fudge is all creamy and melted together. Pour about 1/2 cup of it into a little baggie. Let that bag of Hot Fudge cool for about 10 minutes. You don’t want it Hot! *I pour mine right into the baggie, then place it in the fridge for 10 minutes. Once your Hot Fudge has cooled: GO GRAB YOUR FROZEN TREATS FROM THE FREEZER. Grab a little pair of scissors Snip a small corner of the fudge bag for drizzling. Drizzle that yummy Hot Fudge over the top of the Frozen Cream. Use as much as you like, but don’t spill it over the sides of the paper cups. They will be messy to remove later if you do. Place the pan uncovered in the Freezer for several hours. When you are ready to serve them, simply . . . Let soften ever so slightly, Remove the paper liners and eat!


Nicole Richie Please

Nicole Richie is one of my personal favorite fashion icons! I just love how she has evolved over the years. She is the cover girl for  Marie Claire Mexico February 2014. Take a look at some pictures!! ImageImage

Victoria Beckham.The Muse

Victoria Beckham.The Muse

Once again Victoria Beckham has impacted the fashion industry.  It will be called “Five Years – The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story. She discusses her transition from being apart of our childhood as a Spice Girl, her life with the handsome David Beckham to her influence in the fashion world. We are excited to see what our favorite fashion muse has in store for us!

{Trendy vs Spendy} Designer-Inspired Ankle Boots

I wrote this post for Trend Hungry. See the rest of the post here.

Ankle boots and booties are an easy to wear shoe. This transitional shoe comes in a variety of designs, so they can be worn year round. There’s a pair to suit skinnies, jeans, dresses, or a skirt.

I’ve spotted three budget-friendly pairs that are just as stunning as these designer pairs. Below are three types – everyday wear, stiletto, and peep toe.


1. Everyday Wear

Suede booties are perfect to slip on for an everyday casual chic look. Wear under a wide-leg jean or cuff your skinnies and let the boots be a focal point.

Nine West Otilla Pull On Booties for $139 now marked down to $49.99 vs Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Booties for $495

2. The Stiletto

Layer with a black tight for long, sexy legs.

Michael Antonio Mains Bootie for $59 now marked down to $44.95 vs Barbara Bui Smooth Leather Ankle Bootie for $780

3. Peep Toe

Layer a fun tight for a peep of personality on a chilly day or save this style for a warmer temp.

Miss KG Black Peep Ankle Boots for $135 now marked down to $39 vs Burberry Peep Toe Booties for $750 now marked down to $525

My favorite type is the stiletto. I love to wear them with my favorite pair of skinny jeans for a night out. What’s your favorite type of ankle boot or bootie? Share how you’d style this shoe in the comments below!

xx Melissa

Foodie Friday: Green Tea Blueberry Banana Smoothie with Hemp Hearts

Hello everyone!

I had my favorite healthy smoothie this morning. It’s super easy to make and perfect for when you’re in a rush. Just throw all the ingredients in the blender, put it in your favorite to-go cup, and run out the door.

Also, no extra sugar is needed because the banana acts as a natural sweetener. Yay!!

Do you have a favorite smoothie? Do tell us in the comments below!

Green Tea Blueberry Banana Smoothie with Hemp Hearts Recipe Continue reading Foodie Friday: Green Tea Blueberry Banana Smoothie with Hemp Hearts

From Philadelphia to Monaco: GRACE KELLY – Beyond the Icon

Grace Kelly in her wedding dress, la Galerie d’Hercule du Palais Princier de Monaco, April 19, 1956. Dress designed by Helen Rose. © Archives du Palais Princier de Monaco – F. Detaille

“”My life and the lives of so many have never been the same since the day this wonderful woman entered my world.” -Prince Rainier 

Grace Kelly is an icon in the fashion industry. She’s a screen legend, United Nations advocate for children, and international spokesperson for arts and culture. This actress turned princess  accomplished so much in her life and The Michener Art Museum has put together an exhibit that traces her path from Philadelphia to Monaco. Not to mention, the exhibit features her gowns, movie costumes, and other personal objects. Yup, a vintage fashion lover’s dream come true! Continue reading From Philadelphia to Monaco: GRACE KELLY – Beyond the Icon

Are They Ready?

Well its only a few weeks before Valentines Day and here a few helpful hints on seeing if the person your spending time with is going be your next relationship. I  currently read this article on Shine Yahoo and I have to admit that I love this article. This is something that everyone goes through when you first start dating someone. Hopefully this tips will help you! Once you figure out this tricky situation and then we can figure out our Valentines Day date outfit!!


Sometimes it can be hard to tell just what your new man is looking for. If you’ve just started dating, and things are going great, you can begin to collect data to determine if he is Mr. Quality Casual, or is actually at a place in his life that he wants a relationship. Learn how to recognize the seven give-away signs he wants a relationship so you can find lasting love and partnership: Continue reading Are They Ready?