New Year Outfit Inspiration

New Year Outfit Inspiration


Winter 2013 Style Inspiration: What To Wear For New Year’s Eve

You ladies are not playing around when it comes to looking fab for New Year’s Eve, as the very specific requests have rolled in by the tons! I have yet to finalize my plans, but I’m absolutely positive that I will not be hitting the club this year. I will most likely bring in 2014 sharing laughs and champagne over a nice dinner with my baby sis. But for you Bombshells looking to pop bottles and dance the night away on December 31st, today’s post is for you.
Let’s dive in…”–Reblogged from Fashion Bomb Daily

This is a great article and style inspiration for the your upcoming NYE plans! I cant wait to celebrate this wonderful night in San Francisco! Hopefully you will find any great outfits inspiration! Let us know what you are going wear for NYE! We will post your outfit choices on Muse Me Style!


2013 Holiday Party Style

‘Tis the season to sparkle!

Christmas is exactly 1 week away and New Year’s eve is quickly approaching. With so many holidays, we’re all bound to be invited a holiday happy hour or party. Here’s a transitional work to play outfit inspired by Continue reading 2013 Holiday Party Style

Queen B. Thank you.

A topic that has been a hot topic this past few days was Beyonce aka Queen B taking over the internet with her music. Beyonce has done it again she has taken over the music industry and fashion industry within one night. With no idea of her dropping an album but better yet a visual album has shocked everyone.

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18 Amazing Ways To Style A Super-Bright Winter Coat This Season


It’s FREEZING in Phildelphia…and from what I’ve heard it’s super cold in San Jose also. I love wearing bright colors in the winter…it makes the days less gloomy. In this blog post, StyleCaster teaches how to look chic while wearing “the super-bright winter coat”. Check out the full post for a slideshow of bright coats here.

Originally posted on StyleCaster:

November is officially upon us, which means temperatures are going to start plummeting at a fairly steady rate. Until now, we’ve been getting by just fine with our many blazers, little fall jackets, and thin sweaters, but there’s no denying it’s just about time to break out the big guns: The winter coat. Or, more specifically, the super-bright winter coat.

Indeed, when it comes to looking chic and pulled together, a black or a camel overcoat will never (ever) not be a viable option, but this season we’re starting to rethink the idea that a coat always has to be neutral. In fact, judging by the blogger and street style set, a coat shouldn’t always be neutral. Super-saturated hues not only brighten up your face during the cold winter months, but when styled correctly, can completely modernize a winter outfit.

Think you can’t pull off a crazy-bright winter coat? Think again. Click…

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My Monday Obsession: Guest Editor Time!!

If you watch Keeping up the Kardashians like other lovers of rachet TV like myself, you followed we with some interest (Re. none) the storyline around Rob’s high fashion sock line For those not in the know, Rob wants to make money like his older sisters, except he has no talent or sex tapeto make it happen the Kardashian way. Or support from the high priestess of making something out of nothing- Kris Jenner aka Mom to the Girls aka Kim K.’s pimp.