Vintage hats, entertainment, and a little bit of history

Mad Men, The Great Gatsby, and Beautiful Flappers  feature vintage hats. Those movies/shows carefully depict fashion during a certain era. While Beautiful Flappers  and The Great Gatsby are from the ’20s, Mad Men creates beautiful ensembles from head to toe to match the decade…the roaring ’20s!  Continue reading Vintage hats, entertainment, and a little bit of history

My Monday Obsession

My Monday Obsession

My Monday Obsession is dedicate to the stylish Nicole Richie. Nicole Richie never shies away from having a little fun with her looks. Richie, attended Who What Wear And Cadillac’s 50 Most Fashionable Women Of 2013 Event For the night, she opted for a 1920′s flapper style dress worn over black leather skinnies and a Maison Michel Rabbit Ears Lace Hair-Band.

Fashion Next “It” Girl- Mina Toro


“We often do not believe that we are capable to become someone successful in this fashion industry. After seeing the movie “Devil Wears Prada, I was certain I would never be successful in this fashion industry, but my time is coming soon I can feel it”

A few years ago she was just a girl in another high school classroom listening to another college speaker talk about why we should pick their college for our future education. She was not aware this speech was going change her life.

As Mina Toro walks into Starbucks you can see how stylish she is without even trying. Her Tory Burch brown leather boots are amazing. She is the definition of style and knowing how to make an entrance without saying a word.

Mina Toro, is currently working on her own fashion design company. She currently works as a Visual Manger at Old Navy in the Bay Area. She attended FIDM in Los Angles. We conducted our interview at Starbucks a few days ago.

When did you first become interest in fashion?

I became interest in fashion in 2006 in my senior year of high school. I remember that FIDM came to our school to discuss their fashion designing program and it open up my eyes to this career.  While the counselor was discussing all different aspects of this career I knew I had to be apart of this.

Were you afraid to suddenly change your major from being a clinical therapist to fashion? (Mina was accepted to UC Riverside before her decision to attend FIDM instead)

I was so scared! I kept thinking would I disappoint my parents and myself in the future. I remember sitting my parents down at dinner a month later after I research everything about FIDM and made my decision to change careers. Luckily my parents didn’t yell at first but they gave their concerns but they give me their blessings.

How was your experience attending FIDM?

I come from a very creative and talented family who are so passionate about what they do. That has always been so inspiring to me therefore I knew that I belonged in the creative field so I attended FIDM where I studied both Design and Visual Communications; I touched every area of the industry and it gave me hands on experience to many parts of my field.

How would you describe your style?

Laid-back chic! I don’t like to look too put together, but you can most certainly see a lot of California in my style.

Who inspires your wardrobe and why? 

Not necessarily who but more of —movies, music, flea markets, fabrics, places and everything in between! I feel like being inspired by things you find cool and intriguing can definitely trigger a different look each day!

What inspired your upcoming collection?

My personal style is very influential in my designs. I want to capture my chic California style. I love mixing and matching prints and I am inspired by music. I want my first collection to just focus on spring dresses that are loose but still showcases a woman natural curves.

Where do you see yourself and your design company in the next 5 years?

I would love to have my company flourish and be sold exclusive in small boutiques in the Bay Area. I want to brand myself and become a force in the fashion industry for my generation.

What are the best aspects of starting your own fashion design company? What are the hardest aspects?

Best aspects are the amazing opportunities you can have like working with your favorite fabric, your own aesthetic, collaborations, photoshoots and campaigns, traveling, fashion week, plus meeting so many cool people along the way who you look up to.

The hardest aspect is dealing with companies, brands, and PR people that want to take advantage of you and trying to keep your designs personal.

Where do you see yourself and your design company in the next 5 years? How do you see yourself doing that?

I would love to have my company flourish and be sold exclusive in small boutiques in the Bay Area. I want to brand myself and become a force in the fashion industry for my generation. I want to make sure I connect with my consumers. My generation is focus on social media I would love to showcase my designs through pop up events that will be market through social media. I feel like it’s a new way to brand yourself in the fashion industry.

What advice will you give someone starting off in the fashion industry?

Honestly, listen to your heart. Do not listen to anyone else because they don’t know what is true inside your heart and soul. My life would be completely different right now and I am very happy I am not the person everyone saw me as at the age 18. I am now a young woman in my mid- twenties who is doing something that I love and I know my passion will make me successful.

Flashback Friday


My Flashback Friday is dedicated to Balmain Spring 2013 Ready to Wear Collection. I am still in LOVE with this collection. Please tell me you have seen this! It screams the nineties Latin flavor! Cuba!!

Also you can see another main inspiration behind this collection is the legendary musician Sade. Designer Olivier Rousteing made all my dreams come true with this collection; Cuban flavor and Sade all in one collection! I honestly might need to start adding this inspiration to my own personal style for the New Year! I personally also love that in recent runway shows that Sade has been an influence for designers. Sade is a timeless classic and her beauty needs to be showcase.  Check out the rest of this beautiful collection!


Audrey Hepburn Please.

The little black dress, coined by Coco Chanel in 1926, is a staple in my closet. I was inspired by style icon, Audrey Hepburn. Her simplistic and classic style remains timeless. Image

In Charade (1963) Hepburn wore a hint of leopard, which completed her outfit by adding fun and flair. I paired my H&M little black dress with Franco Sarto leopard heels. When the weather gets cooler, I plan to throw on a fitted black long sleeve underneath, tights, and boots. The perfect little black dress is versatile, timeless, and a dress to rely on.

Check out this fun New York Times Article by style editor, Suzy Menkes: The Colorful Little Black Dress.

pink october!


Please support Pink October! It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer is a terrible disease that has unfortunately affected someone in your life. Lets take time out to donate and walk for this cause. On October 26, 2013 at 8am in San Francisco, located at Golden Gate Park. Please support my team Prissy! This is dedicated to my wonderful mom who is celebrating her 1st year as a breast cancer survivor! I am truly blessed to have this woman in my life and I want to walk to help save other women affected by this disease.  Here is the link to donate to my beautiful team!

Thank you!

die and born again.

“Die and born again, die and born again. It’s the story of my life”-Donatella Versace 


  Lifetime has done it again and made a dramatization of another icon’s life. This time is the one and only Donatella Versace.  This past weekend Lifetime featured the life of this fashion icon of her rise in the House of Versace after her brother untimely death.  House of Versace aired October 5 on Lifetime and told the story of her own struggle with her brother’s death and personal addictions. The trailer that has been shown over the past few days leading up to this movie has been intriguing to see how they detail her life in only two hours.

   Gina Gershon was given the honor to portray Mrs. Versace in this Lifetime movie. Gershon went into detail about how she had to transform her own body shape and facial ticks to become Mrs. Versace. This isn’t the first time Gershon has portrayed a version of Donatella.  In the sitcom Ugly Betty her character Fabia was based on Donatella.

 It is a known fact that Donatella Versace is not at all happy with this dramatization of her life.  She states that this is unauthorized and has no true merit of her life and her family. I am very curious to see how Lifetime puts their own spin on this tale of the one and only Donatella Versace.